Friday, February 18, 2011

My New pieces

I am going to post pictures of my new place in phases, as each area is completed. First, the dining room!
The flowers are from the BF. :)

I built the design around the two pictures on the wall. I got them while I lived in my old place from Ikea. I love them and the bright colors.

The curtains and place mats are also from my old place, and they fit in my new place perfectly! I got my table from Ikea for $199 and went for the chairs that were $19.99 each. The other option was $59.99 each, but I went for the cheap ones and bought blue covers for $3.99 each. The blue is actually my favorite part, so it was not only a frugal choice, but a style choice.

The table is bigger than our old one and comes with two leaves that are stored inside the table. I put it together by myself in a few hours. Even though the Ikea directions are maddening and wordless.

This is the other nook of my dining room, right in between my kitchen and bedroom. The dresser stores extra dish towels, serving plates, and other kitchen-ey stuff. The yellow lamp shade matches the pictures on the wall, and the bulletin board will slowly accumulate more pictures as time goes by.

That's it for now! Next week...the living room!


  1. Very cute! How exciting it must be to decorate a place that is all yours! My fiance and I will be moving in together at his place. Right now he has the American Flag, Army Flag, and Chicago flag on his wall. Along with a Steeler's clock and some framed posters of the Ramones. Needless to say I am going to work on putting a bit of a feminine touch on the place. :)

  2. like it! :) I saw your pics on fb you have a back yard all to yourself? It's so neat that you're near the beach, so socal