Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surveys at Swagbucks

I'm sure most of you noticed that Swagbucks added a new surveys feature yesterday. I have mixed feelings about doing surveys online...I haven't had a ton of luck wtih it (maybe I'm not a desirable demographic?). Usually, I end up starting one and being told I don't qualify. But, there was a Swagbucks satisfaction survey available to everyone and I did qualify for an entertainment survey this morning, which took about 15 minutes and earned me 100 Swagbucks (equals about one Amazon dollar). I think I'll definitely try to check out the Swagbucks surveys everyday, but don't know how many I will really complete. I definitely like using Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards ($55 in the last six months), so it's worth it to me to try to do a few surveys each week.

What about you Swagbucks users? What do you think of the new survey feature?

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