Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's officially summer...

...which along with getting to sleep in starting tomorrow and enjoying my time off also means that there are WAY more opportunities to spend money. This week we had four days of professional development meetings without the kids, which is always when we're able to actually go out to lunch for once, so I have been asked everyday if I want to go out to eat. I went on Monday, to celebrate the freedom, but I've said no every other day, opting to eat the food I have at home instead. I'm trying to plan some free activities in the next weeks (a hike and a bike ride are in the works), but it really is amazing how summer just kills my budget. I also went to Stroll and Savor last night-an awesome event on 2nd Street, where you get to sample food from all sorts of restaurants for ten bucks. I can go out every night if I want to, walking to get frozen yogurt is one of my favorite summer evening activities.

I adjusted my July envelope money, increasing it by about forty bucks because realistically I'm just going to spend more. But, I also want to try to come up with some fun, free things to do...otherwise I'm going to have a lot of trouble meeting my summer financial goals.

Anyone else have any fun, free summer fun ideas?


  1. I'm on summer vacation, too - at least for this week! - and I totally understand what you mean about spending more money. I keep saying - let's go to the movies! Let's get ice cream! Let's go to that Mexican place and eat dinner outside! But alas, all of those things cost money :( Incidentally, the only summer I actually took off was the summer after grad school - needless to say, I put on almost 10 lbs. and maxed out my credit card for the second time.

    That's why I always teach summer school, even though it really kinda sucks. I make more money, and limit the opportunities to spend. Is there any kind of part-time job you can get, even if it's just for minimum wage? You'll make a little extra, and won't be so tempted to be spending all the time because you'll be working.

  2. I am right there with you! I actually am teaching summer school, starting on the 7th. It's half day, which still means temptation to go out for lunch and dinner, but you're right, I will make more money. :) I just have big plans for that money, hoping that I will be able to get the credit card paid off with it. I think I can make it happen though!

  3. I also wanted to ask you a random question: do CA teachers have a decent state pension? Ever since I went to the AP reading and got talking to other teachers about their state retirement plans I've been curious about pensions in other states.

  4. We pay into STRS every month. You can retire when your years of service plus your age add up to 80 (So I can retire at 53 if I wanted to). You get your highest year of pay for the rest of your life...assuming nothing changes in the next 25 years or so-ha! It's decent, as far as I know, but obviously it's important to save other ways too. I don't know a ton about it, to be honest. What's yours like?