Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A lucrative day

Today I had a long day...but one that will pay off when I get my paycheck on July 5th. Our July check will once again have two furlough days taken out of it (deducting two days of pay), so any extra income I can earn during this month will really make a difference. Today I covered a class during my conference period ($42 pre-taxes) and then went to a Learning Teams meeting for an hour, which I also get paid for (another $42 bucks). So I had no break today and have some extra copying to do tomorrow before I take Friday off to drive my sister to Utah for her new job, but it was definitely worth it!

We also have two professional development days right after school ends, which are optional, but are also paid. And I have a summer school training/faculty meeting that is paid the Friday we get out of school. Last, I should get my stipend for being yearbook adviser on my last check, so if all goes well I'll still come out ahead or at least even, despite the furlough days.

This blog post is WAY ahead of myself, since I won't even get my June check until Friday, but all my June hours go for my July check, so I am planning ahead. Lately, I find myself looking forward to payday not because I'm out of money (the budgeting is really working), but because it means I get to make another payment on my debt. I am so eager to be out of debt! Sometimes I can't believe I am still a year and a half away from having only my student loans left (meaning my cc bills and car are paid off)...that seems FOREVER away. But it's like Aesop taught us...slow and steady wins the frickin' race.

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  1. I do the same thing. It feels so good to make those payments and see balances decreasing. Great job! And you are doing a wonderful job of finding ways to make extra money, that will really help. Keep it up!