Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Budget Recap

Okay, I'm not going to go through every line on my budget...because that seems boring even to me. But here are the highlights (and the lowlights...to put it in hair color terms).

Grocery budget: If I just included groceries, totally made it. But, since I had to buy shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste, razors, and paper towels this month...fail. By $6.60, which considering all the added expenses isn't terrible. I think $175 per month is pretty reasonable for me in general.
Gas budget: Check! Came in under, spending $114.71 out of $200 allotted. I could probably bring that budget down to $175 and have money to spare, which I'll try in June.
Unexpected expenses: Dry cleaning, new laptop cord, car wash, and parking ticket (I hate you street sweeping!) for a total of $90.74. Yuck. This is why I still leave a cushion in my budget.
Unexpected Income: Including my coverage pay that came in mid-month and a book I sold on Amazon, I earned an extra $177.16, on hundred of which went into my savings. This was good, since my paycheck took a big hit because of the furlough days.
Envelope System Success: That's right, my friends. I successfully stuck to the envelope system for my eating/drinking out and entertainment expenses! I ended up with $10 cash leftover, which I will use as a cushion until Friday, when I get paid. I still feel like I had a social life, just made better choices. And going out on a date or two helped as well. Being a girl is awesome sometimes! :)

That's right, when all is said and done and balanced, I came in below budget this month! So, I made a credit card payment of 28.58 today-every little bit helps! I will update my status bars again when I get my June check (deposited on the 4th). Hopefully even with the furlough day deduction I will have enough to pay off the Capital One card once and for all!

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  1. A very successful month. Congrats to you and here is to an equally successful June.