Monday, September 13, 2010

Less Junk

I was reading a new favorite blog, My Year Without Spending, and came across a post where she talked about eliminating junk mail as a way to go green and have less waste come into her home. I decided to follow are the two things I did, including their links so you can do them too:

1. I took my name off the list for credit card and insurance offers. I am committed to no new credit cards, and if I wanted to change insurance companies, I'd do the research myself, not respond to something I got in the mail. I'm excited to stop getting these offers!
2. I went to catalog choice and opted out of seven catalogs that I know I get. You have to search for the catalogs individually, so I will have to keep going to this site as I receive more in the mail. I am glad to do this, since I never look through catalogs anyway.

We'll see how much of a difference these steps make, but I am excited to be on the right track as far as reducing the amount of junk mail I receive!

1 comment:

  1. I've called each of the catalogs individually to get myself off of the list... your way seems easier! :)