Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Been a Frugal Day

I made a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, filled my Nalgene bottle with tap water (it's clean. get over yourself.), and packed string cheese and crackers for a snack, as well as the last of the Greek orzo salad I made on Sunday for lunch.

My carpool buddy picked me up for work (it's her week, I'm on next week).

After work, I started my Couch to 5k training, the schedule for which is free online. I ran outside, since the gym membership is long gone. In order to avoid driving to the store, I made sure I ended up near Ralph's, where I bought an avocado. Then I walked home. I timed my intervals using a digital watch that my roommate lent to me. I mentioned that I was going to try to find a cheap one, and she lent me one she isn't using.

I came home and made salad, also preparing a salad for tomorrow's lunch.

Now, I am settled in and about to watch Date Night, which I got from Netflix, though it is one I was tempted to see in the theater.

What's funny is that all of these things felt normal and routine...I didn't really think about how many little ways I was saving money until tonight, when I looked back on the day.


  1. what did you think of date night? i liked it.

  2. Awesome Jess! Did you know you can download music podcasts that tell you when to run and walk? Try

  3. Ohh I started the Couch to 5k too! But I sort of got sidetracked on the way. Need to get back on it now.

    Oh I loved Date Night. But unfortunately I paid $15 to see it in the theater! :-( So did you like the movie?

  4. It's funny how once you get in the frugal grove, it just becomes natural.