Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like...

...I should start thinking about Christmas.

I know there are those who budget all year long for Christmas, squirreling away money each month for all their gifts. Luckily, my family keeps it pretty reasonable around Christmas, so I don't really have to do that. I think spent less than $300 on gifts last year, and I'd like to do even better this year.

So far, I have $10 in Amazon gift cards ready to go. I anticipate having at least $25 so I can get an order with free shipping by Christmas. (Thanks Swagbucks!) I also saved my rebate from my cell phone ($60) to use for Christmas. It's on a Visa gift card, so I'll be able to use it almost anywhere. I keep it at home so I'm not tempted to use it when I'm out and about. I also have some reward points from another site where I have almost enough to get a free Snapfish calendar, which some lucky recipient will enjoy. I budgeted $100 in October to go toward Christmas, and am hoping to do the same in November and then be done.

Ideally I'd like to spend even less than the $200 out of my regular budget, but we'll see how creative I can get. Most of my friends have switched to stocking stuffers or small items, which is still fun, but budget friendly. My roommate and I exchange ornaments for our tree each year as our gifts to one another. Also, my family agreed on a single gift for each of us (there are five of us locally) with a $25 limit last year, plus we drew names for stockings, which I spent another $25 on. This year it looks like I will have the boy to shop for, which is a new one...we haven't talked spending limits yet, though we should.

Is your Christmas budget done? Have you started shopping yet?


  1. No, I have not started shopping but I do know what I'll be giving this year. I'll be giving siblings and cousins Visa gift cards; selections of teas to uncles and aunts; a book I made to the parents; and some toys & books to the kids.

  2. Oh Christmas. As much as I love Christmas, I hate the stress of shopping and money. This year we have been saving right from January, 'coz our family does go crazy each year. I saved $50 every two weeks so I should have $1200 by the time Christmas rolls around. Mike's been doing his own saving, so hopefully we should be set this year.

  3. I started saveing $20.83 per payday at the beginning of the year. So I should have a total of $500. Most of my stuff will be ordered online and shipped directly to the person. I am giving my parents nicely framed group pictures of me, my brother and his kids. I have not started.