Saturday, September 25, 2010

Frugal Date Idea-The Drive In

I have discovered my new favorite date-last night the bf and I went to the drive in! I did some research, and while they are few and far between, I found one only about twenty minutes from his house, in Montclair.

We took my car (more comfortable in the compact my car is cleaner than his), brought our own snacks (spent $9 and came home with extra candy and kettle corn), and spent $8 each to see two movies. We opted for The Town and Going the Distance. We had a great time! The sound from my car stereo was fine and it was fun to have a movie night in the car. Plus, I got to see two movies I would have otherwise waited and just Netflixed later. Honestly, it surprises me that there aren't more drive ins...I would totally go if they had one in Long Beach!

Anyway, our date was only $25 total for the two of us, and I'm sure we could have gone cheaper on the snacks if I had planned ahead and little better and made popcorn at home. We would have spent that on the tickets for just one regular priced movie. I highly recommend it for a fun and relatively frugal date!


  1. There aren't any drive in movie theaters in my area. Oh well. It sounds fun!

  2. Great idea!! I love the drive-in, but I haven't found one near where I live now. I'd like to exchange links with you now that I've entered the blogosphere!