Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spendy Spend Spend

That's what I should call this month.

Originally I had plans to just do homemade gifts for everyone, and spend a shockingly small amount on Christmas gifts. And I'm still making the homemade stuff. But then, I realized that I wanted to be a little more generous with my family. I make more than some members of my family and boyfriend, and refusing to buy them gifts just seemed cheap, not frugal. Especially when I knew they'd be buying me things. In years past, I was vigorously paying off my debt and getting my house in order. And I don't feel bad about going small those years. But this year, I have a little more wiggle room. So I decided to wiggle.

I know it's not all about spending money on those you love, but frankly after spending quite a bit of money on myself this month (Uggs, makeup, jeans, Toms shoes, a scarf and a sweater), I thought it was sort of ridiculous that I wouldn't spend money on those I love.

So, I did. I didn't go crazy and spend a jillion dollars. That's not how my family rolls. But I went out of my way to pick out some things that I thought they would like/think they need. Nothing's on my credit card, and I have been tracking my spending. I'm also not doing any saving this month, though I did pay an extra $300 to my student loan.

I can't say what I bought here (they read the blog, and Christmas still hasn't arrived), but I'm looking forward to giving gifts on Sunday, both the homemade ones and the extras I bought over the last few weeks.

Did you stay small on Christmas shopping, or splurge? According to the news, it seems more Americans splurged than in the last two years...are you one of them?


  1. I stayed small. The biggest expense is for my girls, but then again, it was small compared to what I have spent in the past.

  2. I actually did better this year than I have in years gone by. Not that I think $506 is a small amount to spend on three people, but in previous years, I've spent $700+ and have gone way over budget and hurt myself in the end. This year, I stuck to the limit I set for myself while still feeling like I spoiled my closest loved ones. I'm so ready for them to unwrap their gifts this weekend!

  3. oh we splurged like a mother.

    i'm squeezing all our budgets right now trying to pay it off. thank goodness my husband is working again!!

  4. I stayed small this year. I can't wait until I'm debt free!