Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Goals

I am loving reading everyone's goal recaps for 2011 and new goals for 2012! It's inspiring, and I think people are making a good combination of challenging yet realistic goals for 2012. Here are mine (action plan to follow in another post):

1. Fully fund Emergency Fund (six months expenses).
2. Max out Roth IRA using a monthly contribution.
3. Become DEBT FREE by my 30th birthday (just student loan left!)
4. Save $5,000 in a down payment fund.

1. Run a 5k in under 30 minutes
2. Drink more water.
3. Use Play Station Active 2 regularly to tone up.
4. Go to a class at the gym once a month.

1. Work on communication with BF using Weekly "Relationship Check-ins."
2. Go to church service of some type once a month.
3. Work on not losing my temper with my students, even when there are over 40 in a class and they seem to be trying to piss me off.
4. Complete 92 hours in order to earn my National Board Stipend.

1. Plan trip with BF this summer using National Boards Stipend.
2. Take a trip to visit or go somewhere new with Shelley (I haven't told her this yet, but I miss her face!).
3. Visit at least one baseball stadium I've never been to (definitely San Diego, maybe also Arizona?)
4. Go wine tasting again (we talk about it all the time, need to MAKE IT HAPPEN!)


  1. Great goals. Financial goal 3 would be a great birthday present for yourself. I can still remember sending my last student loan payment in. What a feeling!

  2. they are great goals and it will be wonderful to get that debt paid off before your birthday!

  3. I like your goals! It really is fun to read what everyone is doing...I almost choked when you said finish a 5K in 30 minutes. Mine would have read...Finish a 5K. :)!

  4. I like how you separated them out like this! I'll have to think about that next time, makes it easier to read!

  5. Awesome goals for the new year. Great to see you have a savings plan to go with your student loan pay off. Best of luck in achieving these, I'll be reading with interest.

  6. Have a great 2012! These are great and achievable goals!

  7. So interested to find your blog! I'm hoping also to be debt free by my 30th birthday (still about 2 years away but I have 50K in student loans!) Just started a blog to keep myself focused and on track. Your blog seems to be a GREAT resource, excited to dive more into it!