Friday, December 2, 2011

Screw It

Today's payday! Holla! I went ahead and paid the extra $300 on my student loan right away. And if I'm super crazy strict all month, I could save another $700 in my E-fund.

But we're talking super strict. As in, homemade gifts, regifting, freebies, not going in with my co-teachers for a gift for all the kids. Not buying new running shoes, even though I need them. Not taking my car in for it's 75,000 mile service. Not eating out as much, or going to Magic Mountain with my boyfriend. Basically being cheap.

I decided that I just don't wanna. (Yes, that's meant to sound whiny). I am tired of being super disciplined. I want some new jeans. I want to splurge on some Christmas presents. I want to bring good food to parties, not whatever was cheapest to make.

So, I'm taking that $700 and enjoying myself this month. The 75,000 mile check up isn't exactly fun, but I've been putting it off because I don't want to budget for it. That's the other responsible thing I'll be doing, but I'm giving myself permission to get a little spendy this month. No debt. Nothing too crazy. But I'm throwing off the shackles for this month. I've been disciplined for a LONG time. My E-fund is growing nicely, my student loan is shrinking. I'm cool with saying "screw it" and just spending the money.

Do you ever let yourself "fall off the wagon?"


  1. I am falling off the wgaon this month with eating. I'm not saying "screw it" but I am saying "i'm gonna eat that cupcake"

    we don't have much room to be flexible in our budget right now so thats probably the only reason i am not going on a spending spree.

  2. Yes, I do! I love jeans and shopping for them. Also, I put off necessary things sometimes and its not a good habit to get into. Even though you will be spending the money this month, I would still make a list of what you want to accomplish with the $700, like taking your car in for a check up, etc. that you make sure that you get it all done in your month off. Have fun!

  3. Everyone falls. Plus having your car checked is a necessity. And if you dont buy something once in a while you will burn out

  4. I'm totally "off the wagon" with you! I'm calling it my "un-budget" month! No budgeting, no saving extra $$, NO GUILT!!! :)