Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm home sick from work today...I've been sick all week, but have been toughing it out to go to work. Finally I decided to take a day off to stay home, sleep, rest, and cough in peace.

Anyway, thanks for weighing in on my ethical question. I talked to another co-worker who said that she thinks he probably did get paid, and that I shouldn't worry about it. I decided that if he asks, I'll split it, otherwise it's mine to keep.

So then I spent it all. On myself.

First, I headed over to and found a pair of Uggs. I've wanted Uggs for YEARS, and finally decided to go for it. I bought the biggest youth size, which saved me about $30. My boyfriend's cousin works there, so we also got to use her discount, bringing the total down to $88. SCORE!

They came last night, and I tore the box open and wore them around the house last night. Freddie asked if I was going to wear them to bed. I considered it, to be honest. They're so soft and warm. I want to wear them everyday.

Next, I went to and checked out the selection of Toms. Mine are wearing out (getting a hole in the big toe, like all my canvas shoes do). I decided to get the Carpe Diem ones. Because I want my feet to feel inspired. These were about $60 with tax. I'm still waiting for these to arrive, but I think they'll be a lot of fun to wear.
Robin Williams would be proud.

Last, I headed over to and picked out some new makeup. I got Bare Escentuals again, after using liquid foundation for a year or so. But that's the boring part. I also got a lip gloss set by Smashbox and an eyeshadow/blush palette by Stila. I am SO excited for these to arrive. I'm going to clean out my makeup case and get rid of some stuff I never wear to make room for my new additions. I love Stila eye shadow, a little goes a long way and it has a nice shimmer. I spent $96 for all three items at Sephora. I also found a coupon code for a Hello Kitty clutch and 12 extra samples with my order, so those will be fun to get too.

If I feel up to it later, I'm going to go and work on some Christmas shopping for other people, now that I've shopped a ton for myself. It was fun to pick out some new things for myself with my stipend, and even more fun that it didn't come out of my regular budget.

Have you done any splurging on yourself this season?


  1. Yeah, my wife has saved a ton of money over the years by buying the largest kids size.

  2. I've done waaaay too much splurging, not good!

  3. I want a new foundation. I think I may splurge! love the boots btw ; )

  4. I just bought a sweater dress for under $60! :) It's funny because I got a Christmas bonus, plus I'm getting that graduation gift from my employer, yet I still feel some guilt when I spend money on myself. That inner voice in me says, "That bonus is supposed to be for Christmas presents! Not for YOU!" But I deserve a little too, right?

    p.s. That eyeshadow/blush palate looks AWESOME! I am drooling. And the Uggs look super warm/comfy too!

  5. my DD buys Toms, she had about five pairs, they are really cute!
    I got given a %50 gift card today, so I;m still deciding what I will splurge on, maybe clothes...

  6. So I'm weighing in incredibly late here but is there any reason you wouldn't have asked administration or payroll or a boss if your coworker had received a stipend so you would (ostensibly) know whether or not you had to keep your mouth shut (or in this case, share) about it? I would have thought that might be less weird than asking the teacher himself or another coworker where it might get back?

  7. Nice!! :) I've always wanted a pair of UGGS but I have narrow feet & calves so they're always SOO clunky on me :( Enjoy your new treats!!

  8. wow that Stila set looks awesome!

    I bought a pair of Uggs 2 or 3 years ago, and though I wear them mostly at home as slippers, I still love them. They're so great.

    I adore my Toms as well! Those I at least can sneak into the office... I even have them on right now.

    I splurged enough on myself over my birthday that I'm not doing any more =p I bought everyone wine for Christmas too. It was the easiest.