Monday, October 3, 2011

Introducing, my Twitter Account!

It is the dawn of a new era here at my blog. I have joined Twitter, which may be the first step to changing the name of the blog. Or not, it's not final yet. But since I won't be owning a home by thirty, and I'd like to keep blogging past that age, I started thinking about my blog long-term. I don't want a sudden change, so I thought I'd start a Twitter with what might eventually become the name of this blog.

So, please follow me on Twitter! I will be posting about personal finance (of course), but also about various feminist issues I find interesting. The feminism thing is new for readers of this blog, but it's something I am more and more interested in, so my Twitter will reflect that. Just as there are environmentalist PF bloggers, Mom PF bloggers, and Christian PF bloggers, this is part of who I am. I hope that even those of you who wouldn't call yourselves feminists will read my posts, because they will be interesting and will hopefully present some new perspectives. 

Some of those issues will be making their way onto this blog as well, as they naturally come about. I'm not trying to force my blog to be anything in's an extension of who I am, and for those of you who are interested enough to come along for the ride, I sincerely thank you. I hope to make even more blogger friends in the years to come.

All that to say, follow me on Twitter! I'd love to follow some of my favorite bloggers (and friends) too! My username is @frugalfeminist.

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  1. I'm excited to read your thoughts on new topics!