Monday, October 10, 2011

Dress Code Reward, Month One

I posted last month about my dress code challenge for this school year. I stipulated that if I met my goals each month I get $25 to spend on clothes or what have you. I succeeded in keeping the code for September, and chose to spend my money on a new Clinique compact during bonus time. I got this:
I'm actually giving my mom two of the items. I've already used the lip color, and when my face wash runs out I'm looking forward to trying the sample I got. :)

This month has been easy so far since last week was Spirit Week, and all rules are off for that. But, I have to get back into my routine of dressing like a professional this week! I already have plans for next months $25, but I've got to earn it! :)

Do you ever set up rewards for yourself? Does it work to keep you motivated?

1 comment:

  1. What stores are funning the free gift? I need some eye shadow.
    xo jana