Friday, August 5, 2011

I Finally Opened a Roth IRA!

Yes, that's right friends. Today I went online and opened a Roth IRA through my credit union. I started with $500, and I am giving myself the ambitious goal of maxing it out by Decemeber (which means $5,000 in five months). Since I no longer have a car payment and I am now sharing the rent with BF, I have a lot more discretionary money. Here's my goal breakdown:
August: $500
September: $1500 (I am working a bunch of paid extra hours in August, so my September check should be pretty huge.)
October: $1000
November: $1000
December: $500 (allowing for Christmas expenses)

I will also need to snowflake $500 between now and the end of the year to make it to $5,000. I am thinking I may be able to do a good amount extra than what I have planned in September, so that's a plus.

When the new year starts I will plan on putting $500/month into my Roth IRA and putting $500 into my savings. I have no idea what the job market will hold next year, so I want to up my savings in case I am laid off. As for my student loans, I am going to devote my tax return to them and stick with my regular payments for now. The interest rate on my savings and my Roth is higher than my student loan interest rate, so I am going to take advantage of those things and go with slow and steady for my loans.

Since the Roth is a new goal, that means I have a new sidebar!


  1. That's wonderful! I hope you meet your goals.

  2. Good for you! I so need to do the same. Maxing out a Roth IRA in 2012 will definitely be a priority for me.

  3. the interest on your savings is higher than your student loans??? what savings account do you have???

  4. Fantastic! This is a great choice for that extra "found" money now that your car is paid off. Wahoo!