Monday, August 8, 2011

Confession: I Just Want to Buy Stuff!

I think over the last two years I've gotten to a really good place in my shopping habits. Essentially, I broke the habit and now I plan for my shopping trips.

My July shopping trip wasn't totally planned, but I did have extra funds come in, so it worked out. And since then all I want to do is go shopping! I want to buy stuff online. I want to buy another pair of Toms. I want a new pair of jeans (okay, that's actually becoming a need, so I gotta budget for that one). I want new summer dressses, and tops, and back to school clothes. I want a spa pedicure foot bath thingy. I want new makeup. I want some new necklaces.

You get the picture. The shopping bug is hitting me hard. And there's no room in the August budget for that. I am definitely going to allow a few hundred dollars in September to buy new jeans and some back to school clothes for work. But frankly, sometimes I miss the old days of irresponsible spending. I want to pull out my credit card and buy whatever I want.

I'm not going to. But I'm just confessing that sometimes, I miss the old days.

How do you deal with the "I wants"?


  1. I pout sometimes :-) Other times I go online shopping, joyfully adding things to my cart and then exit out instead of purchase. I read through my blog to see what successes I have had and try to generate some motivation to keep saving or to poay debt down. I stay out of the mall. It depresses me. I can window shop online, but window shopping in person is just too hard.

  2. I feel this way sometimes and that's when I realize I haven't been doing anything creative. Shopping becomes a quick fix. So I pull out my watercolors and paint or I sew or I go to the thrift store and buy one thing that inspires me. I guess that's still kind of shopping but it's not too expensive. Getting a bunch of books at the library makes me feel rich too.
    xo jana

  3. I'm right there with you! I just remind myself of my goals by reviewing my blog posts and/or budget spreadsheets. I also will make some sort of wishlist--a combination of links I save in a hidden bookmark folder. Recently, I've found that if I go back and look at those links a few weeks later, half the things I "wanted" then, I no longer want now!

    I think it's really all about balance. Your idea to budget for this in a month when you can is great--you'll get the things you truly do need, some of the things you want, and you'll still be on track with financial goals.

  4. Right now...I REALLY want to go to the fabric store and get craft stuff. I REALLY REALLY want to go. But it isn't anywhere close to in the budget it.

    I confess, I did think about using my CC. But then I would get home and not enjoy my craft.

    Responsibility sucks.

  5. Oh, I think everyone gets like that sometimes... If it's not in the budget I just wait it out & I go look at what I DO HAVE and it gets my mind off my "wants".

  6. I know your pain. I really want to go to Forever21, but whenever I go, I spend a ridiculous amount of money.

  7. I appreciate this post. I love, love, love to shop online, especially shopping for shoes (Madden, Zappos <3).
    Thanks for the post.