Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frugal Romance: $3 Flowers

I decided to do a series of posts (sporadically, because if you haven't noticed I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with a series of weekly posts. I'll post about what I want! My rebellious self whines, even though I told myself to do it. This paranthetical part has gone awry.)

I decided to do a series of posts on frugal romance. I am not generally a mushy one needs to write me a poem (unless it's really good), and my cheap side cringes to think of spending tons of money on flowers. But, I do like thoughtfulness and in my experience the romantic things I've liked most have been pretty frugal.

So some of these posts will be romantic surprises I've received, some that I have given. But I think it's easy to not be thoughtful/romantic in a relationship, so hopefully these posts will be inspiration for those of you in relationships to make that little extra effort.

Today's idea: Flowers from Fresh & Easy.

I swear I am not paid to rave about Fresh & Easy (though if they want to pay me, I'm open to it). Right as you walk in the store they have a flower section, where most bouquets are 2/$6. They're not incredibly fancy, but when my boyfriend walked in the door a few weeks ago with sunflowers, it brought a huge smile to my face. He actually bought two bouquets and gave me flowers two days in a row. Very sweet, very fun, and cost not much more than a Starbucks drink.

Another example of frugal flowers is that on Valentine's Day he found a potted plant with three tulips in it. I saw the price tag and it was $3.49. Did I care? Heck no, I got flowers on Valentine's Day! I've spent many a V-day single (MANY), so getting flowers on that day was great.

So, next time you're at the grocery store, pick up some flowers for your significant other. Or pick them up for yourself. Because you're great and you deserve flowers.


  1. I love getting unexpected flowers. If only the BF would actually do it :)

  2. I like this idea and may buy some this week, thanks!

  3. Maybe I should get my husband to look through those every once in a while...