Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reason number 568 I love working at a middle school..

About once a year, the female teachers on campus get a bunch of coupons for pads and tampons in our mailboxes. My best guess is that they are from the Health teacher, leftover from info given to the 7th grade girls. This is my guess because the back of the coupon is part of some sort of brochure with the phrase, "How do I put this thing in?" in girly font on the back.

But I digress.

This year I scored a few extra from a friend and ended up getting this...

...for only the price of tax. YAHOO!!

First I used two coupons at Walgreens. Then I stopped by Rite Aid and used four of the coupons, pressing my luck, since it says one coupon per transaction. That time, the guy didn't say anything about that AND when I was counting change to pay the tax I came up 37 cents short. I reached for my debit card and he told me not to worry about it. Then, I really pushed my luck at Ralphs, where I pulled out five coupons. The woman at first said I couldn't use them all, and I immediately said I would go put the others back and apologized (see previous post about not being a coupon jerk), but she then proceeded to run them all through and let me use them. :) At Ralphs I also earned 31 rewards points for the pre-coupon price.

So, to recap I spent a total of $6.03, visited three stores, all of whom let me use more than the one coupon it said I can use, and saved a grand total of $63.89!!

Yes, you read that correctly. This seems a little hoarderish, but I will get through these eventually, and the coupons expired in June. And yes, they are displayed in a pyramid on my dining room table. Which will elicit the "you're crazy" look from BF. But for now I am admiring my savings.


  1. They are expensive without coupons. I have to laugh at the first part of the post. I don't really remember that from middle school :)

  2. as someone who is all into couponing now, I am extremely jealous.

    BTW, you can download "digital" coupons on the Ralphs website straight to your card. Like this week, Crest toothpaste is on sale for $2.50, and they have a $1.50 off coupon, so it'll come out to a $1. I've scored free toothpaste with their coupons before...and also a 12 pack of toilet paper, for $2...

  3. Wow, nice savings. I love free (or next to free stuff).

  4. Wow! Way to go :) That's awesome!