Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Becoming a Hoarder...

...not of stuff though. In fact, I just cleaned out my bookshelf yet again and found eight or nine more books I'm willing to part with. I cleaned out my closet and found a few more things to get rid of. And while I could stand to clean out my fridge, it's not out of a compulsion to keep everything that I don't (it's out of laziness). No my friends, I am becoming a hoarder of my Swagbucks.

I just crossed the 7,000 mark. Which is great! I've been thinking of saving for some bigger items or maybe buying some necessities later on if I need to. But, I also thought about cashing in 1,800 of them to buy BF $20 in Amazon gift cards to go with the used Kindle I bought him for his birthday next week.* Which would be a great idea, so he can buy new books for it without going into his budget. And it doesn't actually cost me anything, so I am not going over on my budget for his birthday (well, more than I already did. I went about $25 over, but I worked it out.) All signs point to go for it, so I can tell him they're in my account and print out the gift card codes for him to use. 

But I don't want to. I don't want to see that balance go down, now that it's at 7,000. Partly because I want to use them later on other things, but I think part of it is a hoarder mentality. I just want to save them and see the number get bigger. Which is funny, because before as soon as I got to 450, I'd cash them in for a gift card. But now, I like my big total and I don't want to give it up. I'm sort of motivated to shoot for the moon to get the $300 Apple gift card....if I start using them, that probably won't happen.

What do you think, readers? Am I being silly? Should I just get him the gift cards, and be a generous girlfriend? Or should I let him use his own Swagbucks for that (he's got about 1,300) and save mine for a bigger purchase?

*(He claims he's never read my blog and I believe him. So, Freddie, if you're reading's your fault your surprise is ruined!)


  1. Ohh I would say save it for something big. $20 seems to be such a small amount when you've been saving up for so long!

  2. While I agree with the saving big idea, I noticed that it actually works to your advantage to buy the $5 Amazon cards for 450 SB and "hoard" those (example: they sell the $25 Amazon card for 3,150 SB but if you just buy 5 $5 cards, you only spend 2,250). Also, keep in mind that they only let you buy 2 gifts per day and 5 per month--and it takes time for the cards to post to your account. I usually buy mine at the end of one month and the beginning of another so they all post right around the same time. Right now, I have 10 $5 cards in my queue, which means a $50 shopping spree on Amazon. Just some food for thought; have fun! :)