Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pink Slip Rescinded!!!!

Hallelujah! The union and the district reached an agreement yesterday that will save my job! We will be taking four furlough days next year (we had seven this year, so it's actually an improvement), in order to save 3,300 jobs! And mine is one of them!

I'm SOOOO relieved that I have my job. I had interviewed at a charter school last week and they are going to let me know this week if they are offering me the job. I am leaning toward staying with my district, but it was good experience, and it's nice to have some possibilities.

Budget-wise, the four furlough days actually won't be too bad. I worked hard to get my raise this school year, so those months with a day of pay missing will be the same as what I made before the raise. Which I lived on no problem...and that's with my car payment. :)

My car will be paid off completely in July, which feels unreal. I have several ideas of how to handle the extra money each month. I'm planning to post my different options and let you all give me your opinions on how I should handle it. Though, in August I will most likely use it to go on vacation with the BF, so I have some time to think about what I'll do in the Fall.

Just wanted to share my good news!


  1. That is fantastic news and what a relief for you. And congrats on getting the car paid off.