Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting to Know Me

Decided to Mix it Up and post the ABC's of me...

•Age: 28

•Bed Size: Queen

•Chore You Hate: Mopping/sweeping the floor. I hate floors.

•Dogs: none

•Essential start of your day: Snooze button, unfortunately.

•Favorite color: Blue

•Gold or silver: Silver

•Height: 5 feet 7 inches

•Instruments I play (or have played): None :( I wish I could play the piano.

•Job title: Middle School Teacher

•Kids: One day.

•Live: LBC Baby!

•Mom’s name: Jill

•Nickname: Fletch

•Overnight hospital stays: None

•Pet peeve: When kids tap their pens and pencils on their desk while I'm talking
•Quote from a movie: “Besides, Melrose Place is a really good show." -Reality Bites

•Right or left handed: Right.

•Siblings: 1 sister

•Time you wake up: 6:00, 6:09. 6:18, etc....

•Underwear: Yes.

•Vegetables you dislike: not a huge fan of peas

•What makes you run late: Oversleeping, though I am rarely late

•X-rays you’ve had done: at the dentist

•Yummy food you make: Vegan peanut butter cups. Salsa. Tacos.

•Zoo animal: Giraffe


  1. This is great! :) Will have to do this in a future post! It's fun to read! :)

  2. Loved this. I think I will do the same!

  3. love this!

    I love mopping my floors, I think I'm odd but I get so much joy when my floorboards are clean!

  4. We have so much in commom!!

  5. I lived in a studio apartment on the beach in Long Beach when I was going to college. I even had an ocean view. I loved it and would like to visit again one day.