Sunday, August 1, 2010

Technology Question

So today I was talking on the phone with the bf about technology. He's sort of an electronics junkie...he likes to buy himself new toys. But, he justifies explains he tries things out and then resells them on Amazon, so he doesn't actually spend that much. He says he often gets pretty close to what he paid by doing this.

His finances are none of my business (not yet anyway), but it led to us talking about how I want a new ipod (all I have is a shuffle and I'd love one that can hold more of my music), but that I am going to wait until my laptop dies and then hope that Apple is offering their free ipod deal.

He pointed out that they only offer that at back-to-school time (now) and said, "Why don't you sell your laptop now and use that money towards a new computer and the free ipod?"

At first I scoffed. My plan is to run my current laptop into the ground and then get a new one only when I have to. This seems reasonable to me in that it's not running out and buying something new when what I have is functioning. But, he made a valid point that if I do that, I'll get no money for my laptop and will have no guarantee that I'll get the ipod thrown in.


He said I can probably get $400-$500 for my laptop online (I'll have to do more research on that), which I could put toward a new computer. I am still leaning way towards my original plan. But, he makes a valid point. And I could use my summer school money in September to buy a laptop debt free. Or I can use that money to pay two extra payments on my car. So I'm going for gazelle-like intensity toward my debt and praying that my laptop makes it to next summer.

But, what do you think of this point? Is it better to sell my laptop while it still works or run it into the ground, knowing I got all the use out of it that I could?


  1. Both options appear to be logical, so it looks like it will be a decision about what you value most at the tiem of purchase.

    I want to bring you back to the fact that what you really started out wanting is an IPOD which can range in cost depending on what you are looking for. (8GB Nano for $131 to a 64GB IPOD Touch $345 at I don't know how much the computer you want will cost but the MAC book starts at $999, which is $600 more than you really need to spend to get what you want.

    Personally I think you would be just fine buying the IPOD now and holding on to the computer for another year or so. This time next year you can get the same deal with the free IPOD. You can cell the IPOD and recoup the money you spent this year.

    Keep us posted on what you decide.

  2. I think it depends on how much you really need a new laptop. I held on to my last one until it literally fell apart and then I was stuck for over a week without a computer while I picked one out and then waited for it to arrive from Dell. When my last one died, it did so by taking with it a good chunk of my not backed up hard drive (something that will NEVER happen again!). I had known I needed a new computer for a while, but I had resisted thinking I could make it until the end of the school year. It didn't.

    So my question to you is, can you really make until Apple is running their deal for a free ipod (usually an ipod touch)? It could be really soon, or it could be 6 months away. If you don't think you can, sell your current computer and get a new one. Getting a free ipod (to me at least) isn't worth taking the risk on being without a computer (especially if you need it a lot with school starting soon) and potentially losing data.

  3. I say get the laptop now and the free iPod Touch with it. The reason I say that is it's really very annoying (to say the least) to have a laptop die on you. Unless you are a backup nazi, you are sure to lose some data/pictures.

    And also I think the Apple promo is an awesome deal.

  4. That's funny he thinks like me, which is the reason I have debt. I love tech toys way too much!!

  5. I'm not sure what I would do.. be paralyzed with fear of making the wrong decision until I'm forced to make one (laptop dies, free ipod deal runs out, etc) probably.

    I had been considering getting a laptop this year and because I adamantly refuse to work with anything but a mac (the poster up there that said you're over-paying for what you want -- tsk tsk blasphemy. No one should buy a PC if they don't have to!) so I was interested in the free ipod deal (even though I have an ipod touch). Anyway, my friend told me that you BUY THE IPOD with the computer, and then have to apply for a REBATE.
    So just prepared to shell out a few extra $$$ at time of sale and then wait for your rebate.

  6. I use an external hard drive to save my documents and pictures so that when the computer dies, I still have all my info. This was a cheap alternative when I was in a similar situation.