Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hurray for Vision Insurance

On Monday I went to Lens Crafters for my annual checkup/new lenses. Last year right after I got my new frames my purse was stolen. Luckily, I kept my old ones as a backup, so I made do with those until my insurance covered something again. Fortunately my vision is pretty good-I only use the glasses for driving at night, baseball games, and church (I sit in the balcony). So, my old prescription was fine and I waited it out.

Anyway, Monday I got my eye exam and new lenses in my old frames out the door for $40. My old DKNY case also broke (the frames are three years old), so the nice guy at Lens Crafters gave me a new case, free of charge. The lenses alone would have been $190 without insurance, plus whatever the exam would have cost. So, while I spent $40, today I am thankful for insurance. And for the fact that I picked out some cute durable frames back in the day, since they now have to last for four years.

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