Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Starting to Track my Net Worth

I know several other PF bloggers who track their net worth each month. Many even have cool graphs to go with it. In the past, I never did it. In the beginning I chose not to because I figured it would be horribly depressing. Later, because I had most of my assets in my credit union it seemed pointless as well. I could take on look and see almost everything-except my 403(b).

Now, I've decided to invest more of my money. I am keeping a savings in CA Municipal Bonds. I am contributing the maximum to my Roth IRA, and I am also contributing to my 403(b). Then there's my ING account for travel, and my regular savings and checking with my credit union.

That's a lot of accounts to look at.

I don't want to obsessively check my investments...I think it will stress me out to see them going up and down a lot. But, I want to be aware of how much money I have in my various accounts, so I'm making the goal of checking all my investments at least once a month and doing a Net Worth update to see where I'm at.

My dilemma is whether or not to share my Net Worth. Since I'm not anonymous, is this a bad idea? I was thinking even if I don't share the amount I can just share the percentage increase/decrease from month to month? Also, if anyone has a net worth tracker to recommend, I'd love to see it!


  1. I track my networth personally using Numbers (like Excel for Mac) but it's also tracked automatically in my Mac app Money that I use for budgeting.

    On the web, is really great for tracking your net worth! It's very cool because you can see where other people are at in your age group, income, education level, location, etc

  2. I track my net worth using It's free and easy to use. It helps me because you can link everything- student credit cards, investment accounts, etc. I don't think it is worth sharing your net worth with others.

  3. Have u used Mint also has android and apple apps