Thursday, February 9, 2012


My federal tax return came in today. Holla! I was able to pay $2,000 on my student loan, bringing my balance down to around $6,000. Yesssss. Once my loan cancellation comes through ($3,000) sometime this Spring I will really be in the home stretch of being debt free. It's such an exciting feeling!

So, my tax returns came and went. $2,000 to my student loan, about $300 in my travel fund, allocated for Europe. I was able to come up with another $120 from my regular budget to go my trip fund. I'm on track for how much I want to save for that. My automatic transfers to my savings/house fund went out, as well as my automatic Roth deduction.

Things seem to be going smoothly on the savings/moving money around boat. Now if I can just find a phone that doesn't make me get a data plan for under $60, I'd be golden.