Monday, February 6, 2012


Way back around the time I started this blog (so, about two years ago), I joined Inbox Dollars, as a way to make some extra money. You can do surveys and other offers on there, and you get paid two cents for each paid email you read. The emails come in waves, but I usually get two or three per day.

I've done very few surveys, on any site. I rarely qualify, and it doesn't seem worth the time it takes. But reading the emails is just clicking on "confirm paid email" and then ex-ing out of the email. Simple.

Inbox Dollars requires you earn $30 before they will pay you out. And finally, after over two years, I made it! The check would actually be for $27 and change since there is a check processing fee. It wouldn't be mailed until April if I requested it right now.

So, now I'm torn. It will take FOREVER to earn another $30 and I almost want to quit the site after I cash out. Meanwhile, I'm earning six cents or so per day that I keep reading the emails. So, do I cash out and call it quits? Cash out and keep doing the emails? Or let it ride and keep earning more money before I cash out?

I don't NEED the money for anything specific now. I could use it boost my E-fund a little. It won't come until after Europe, otherwise I'd put it there. My student loan payoff is on track, and I can't really pay it off any earlier, since I'm waiting for the state to forgive part of it. I really don't know what to do, so for now I'm doing option three, keeping it in there and still reading emails.

Anyone else done Inbox Dollars? Even if you haven't what's your vote?


  1. dude 6 cents a day? really?

    ask for the check and call it a day : P

  2. Yeah, I agree that it probably isn't worth it to continue.

  3. So not worth your time. I did it for awhile and it wasn't worth the effort.

  4. Two years is a LONG time to earn $27. Way to go in keeping up, but I wouldn't bother either :)
    PS You should try Swagbucks! Much higher return.

  5. You can find 6 cents a day walking through any random parking lot. Total waste of your time.

  6. i've been using it for a long time and only at $10...

  7. I'd have to agree with the others. The ROI just isn't there. I'd recommend swagbuck and mypoints. I've earned many rewards with both. As far as surveys - I get paid $3/survey from pinecone. See if you can find an invite to join them. I usually get $3-12/month from them too.