Thursday, October 6, 2011

Team GPS

About six months ago, my boyfriend's car got broken into in his garage. Super lame. His GPS was stolen, among other things. Since his car has On Star capabilities, he called them and asked for a free trial of their navigation plan. On Star is pretty awesome, and gave him six months free! He used that, but decided that when it ran out he wanted to buy a new GPS, in part because I have a tendency to get lost and he wanted to be able to have both of us use it.

He searched online and found a brand new one on Craigslist for $120. It has lifetime maps and traffic updates, and that was about $25 cheaper than what we could find online for similar features. He kept asking me what I thought and I was saying I didn't care as I read blogs.

"It seems like a good idea, since you'll have it for a long time."
"We'll have it for a long time."
"Ohhhh, yeah. Did you want me to split the cost with you?"

It's interesting, because a GPS is not something I'd buy for myself. But, I knew that once he bought it, I'd use it all the time. Much like the iPod Touch he bought used online, which he's used about twice since he bought it. I use it. All. The. Time.

Part of me didn't want to buy wasn't exactly in my budget or part of my renewed gazelle-like goals. But since I knew I'd use it a lot, and I feel kind of bad about the whole iPod thing, I gave him the sixty bucks for it. I used it over the weekend, and I'll be honest. I love it. I'm glad we split it so I don't have to feel guilty for wanting to use it a lot. And it goes back to my post about being a team.

Freddie is not as frugal as I am, though he does look for deals and does sell things on Amazon or Craigslist. When he wants something (usually a gadget of some sort), he researches, tries to find it used or on sale, and sells the older model he's getting rid of on Amazon or Craigslist to recoup some of his expenses. I'm more likely to deprive myself. Sometimes it's good for me to be with someone who will just buy something if he will enjoy it. I never would have bought the iPod Touch, but I really wanted one. Same with the GPS. This doesn't mean I'm going wild and buying a new TV and computer. But I think we both push each other a little bit, which is a good thing.

And I'm less likely to get lost, so I'll save on gas money. I can justify anything.


  1. Did you forget that we bought each other gps's for our masters graduation presents? I still use mine everyday! It's a bit of a clunker now, but it works and I think of you often :)

  2. Kim, mine tanked way before yours, sadly. I should have taken it in while it was under warranty, but I did not. :( Glad yours still works!

  3. Mr. Red and I are much the same. I love the idea of living off of cheap food, never going out, and living in a tiny apartment to pay off my debt. He is almost the total opposite, but instead of causing conflict, our differing personalities keep us grounded and a little more moderate than we otherwise would be. :)

  4. A GPS is really a nifty device to own, so it's a good thing. It's really nice that you both are so different when it comes to spending - you can help each other save and enjoy life respectively. I think both Mike and I tend to be trigger happy when it comes to buying new gadgets. Even when I try my best to not buy something I want, Mike's always egging me on, which is not a good thing at all. But I have managed not buy an ipad or a new laptop, that means progress right? :)