Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Gift Cards Part Two-TJ Maxx

My lovely friend Becca gave me a gift card to TJ Maxx for my birthday. I had some time to kill before my mom's birthday dinner, so I stopped for my free Starbucks drink and then did some shopping at TJ Maxx. I got some great deals in the clearance section. Here they are:

Super cute bowls-I LOVE these bowls. One is a bright pink, the other teal, and both are a bamboo like design on the inside. Suggested price was $20, TJ's price was $8, and I got each one for $3 in the clearance section. Score!

I also stumbled across some good Christmas finds, and all for people who I do not think read this blog. So, I will share. I got some super cute stationary and pen sets for my sixth grade co-teachers for seven bucks each. I snagged some cute cards for my grandma (because she is the queen of thank you notes), and a bed caddy that I think she'll like to keep books and such near her without cluttering her nightstand. The cards were marked down to $2 and the caddy was originally $13, but marked down to $3! And last, I got 24 fun pencils for my classroom for another $2.

I spent $4 out of my own pocket, and am super excited about my finds. I am seriously enamored with the bowls, and I think the bed caddy is so cool, I may just keep it. And, I am thrilled to start my Christmas shopping with some deals...especially since my best idea for the boyfriend's gift is extremely pricey. But more on that later.


  1. I agree, those bowls are super cute. And the bedside caddy seems awesome. My nightstand is perennially cluttered, so I am going to hunt for the bedside caddy too! I think you are doing very well with your birthday gift cards. I like to use my gift cards to by things I will buy anyway so that I get some wiggle room on my budget.

  2. Love the bowls, they're fabulous! The bedside caddy rocks! Would love one of those!! :)

  3. The bowls are gorgeous, great to see you did treat yourself to a little something (and can show your friend something you purchased from her gift card). I admire your dedication to use the gift card to buy other peoples gift, I get the feeling you enjoy gift buying for others and had a lot of fun on this shopping trip.