Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spending Week: The Dentist

Last week I had my dentist appointment to get my filling replaced. This is the one that has fallen out a few times, and the dentist was worried it might be a root canal. Luckily I dodged that bullet!

I talked about my dental dilemma about a month ago, but essentially the metal fillings are free (via insurance) and the nice, white, non-mercury filled ones cost me $110. Yuck. Before I went in, I was leaning toward the metal one, especially since this filling likes to come out (it's happened twice already). I shared my concerns and she said that the white ones usually stay in better. I told her it's always been white ones that have popped out and she offered me a deal: if it comes out, she'll put in a metal one and refund me the money for this filling. Basically a money-back guarantee.

It worked. Partly because it's towards the front on the bottom and the metal would be visible. And I'm vain like that. For the other cavity I have that is on the top in the back, I'm going with metal. Bring on the mercury.

Since I didn't plan on getting the white filling, I didn't budget for the expense. I am trying to make up the amount in other areas of my budget, but if I have to I'll use my emergency fund to cover the amount.

What would you do/have you done in this situation?


  1. I probably would have done what you did. At least she gave you a guarantee!

  2. I would have paid - no way would I let mercury go in my mouth.

  3. I'd have done the same thing, including mercury in the back. At least you have your "gaurantee"!

  4. I'm vain--I only get white fillings.

    One time, the dentist was putting in fillings and I didn't even realize it, and i had a bunch of metal in my teeth. They were on the top teeth, so you could only really tell if you were looking at my teeth from under me, but still-- I knew they were there! So I made them replace them. They kept saying you couldn't see them, but I didn't care. I wanted all white! My parents paid more than $2 grand for braces, I wasn't going to ruin my smile now over a $50 white filling.

  5. I find it interesting that your dentist will do metal fillings, because mine won't at all. They will also replace metal fillings (I have 1, and it's way back in my mouth so I'm not paying to have it replaced if it isn't bothering me!)
    I'd have gone with white too, for the front one like you chose. For the far one though, I agree metal isn't that bad. The dentist is so expensive :(

  6. I totally would have done the same thing you did.