Friday, September 30, 2011

Searching for Salary Points

As I've mentioned before, one way to earn a raise in my district is to complete additional classes/trainings/professional development. You have ten years to max out your "salary points," which are similar to university credits. You need 14 points for each incremental raise.

I am in year seven of teaching, and I am 28 units away from maxing out. My goal for this school year is to complete another increment and earn a raise again. The sooner I do this, the more I earn over my years in the district. Assuming I don't get laid off, this could be very lucrative.

So, I looked online to see if there were any cheap or free options first. I found two classes, each worth one point. One is a free online class during the month of November. Yes, please! I love the convenience of online classes, and a free one is even better!

I also found one that meets on two Saturdays in October about teaching Islam and the Arab World. This sounds really interesting, and it's only $35, including lunch on both days. I sent the link to some other teacher friends to see if they want to go so we can carpool.

I'm also going to work funds into my November budget to sign up for an online class, hopefully one I can work on over Christmas break when I have three weeks off from work. We shall see.

If I get into both of these, that's two points down, twelve to go. Ugh, that doesn't actually sound super encouraging. But that raise is calling my name, so I'm on it!

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