Sunday, September 11, 2011

ING Direct Fun

A while back I talked about using ING Direct for my E-fund, just to get a little better interest rate while it was sitting there. I even got Erica's referral info to hook her up with a bonus. Then, while laying in bed I suddenly remembered that I already had an ING savings account that I opened right after college. Doh! I knew it would be pretty empty and that I had no idea the account information for it.

I got a postcard from ING about using share builder to be able to invest in stocks for as low as $4. This also intrigued me, since I don't really do much in the stock market and it sounded fun to try it out for a low amount. Even if I invest $4 per week and lose it, I wouldn't be too upset about it. And if that money grows, even better.

These two things in combination finally got me to call ING and see if I could figure out my old account. I remembered hardly anything about it, so after asking me several questions the very helpful customer service rep confirmed I do have a savings there. He asked if I knew how much was in it and I guess ten bucks, thinking I probably drained it before I stopped using it. Surprise! I actually had $67.21. Not a million bucks, but still, I'll take it! He also told me that I could open a free electric orange checking account and get a $50 bonus if I used the debt card three times in 45 days. I decided to go for it. Not sure how much I'll use that checking, but I was suckered in by the free $50. I should have an extra $50 on or about November 1st (I'm mostly writing the date so I'll know when to look for it later).

Next, I need to call Sharebuilder, but that will have to be after I go running. Anyway, I'm excited to get an extra $50 and that I took care of another piece of business from my lest organized financial days. And it's an extra found $67! :)

Have you ever lost track of an account?


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but yes, I have! When I moved to Boston, I completely forgot about an old savings/checking account I had with Wells Fargo. After not receiving any sort of email or statement for over 5 years (!!!), I randomly got one in the mail a few months ago. I had a great laugh with the customer service rep as we walked through the process to close the accounts & transfer the (whopping) $42.41 out of them.

  2. that is too funny! let me know how the checking account works out for you. heck, you may even get a bonus if i sign up for one with a referral from you!
    oh and let me know about sharebuilder too!! I've been wanting to get into the stock market but totally have no clue how it works.