Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back on the Recycling Wagon

Today I took in our recycling for cash. BF and I have been collecting our bottles and cans on our balcony since he moved in. I stopped doing recycling for cash a while back because I had nowhere to keep the cans and the small amount I got just wasn't worth it. But, BF likes to buy soda and beverages other than tap water (he's wild and crazy like that), so we started saving again.

I got $9.75 today, for about two months worth of cans and bottles. Definitely worth it, considering it's almost zero effort to save them, and I took them in while running other errands. I put all the money in our "joint savings account." It's a jar that we keep all our change and recycling money in. With all the bills in it, I think we're at about $40. We've had that jar for about three months, so that's adding up quickly as well.

We don't have any specific plans for that money, but it's nice to watch it grow. It could be a rainy day fund, or the beginning of a vacation or wedding fund. No plans yet, but it's a small baby step in sharing some money. We both put into it, and it's not money we would be comfortable spending without talking to the other one.

Anyway, I'm back to one of my money-earning activities from when I first started paying off debt, but it's more lucrative this time. And more fun, now that I'm not obligated to use it all to pay off debt. :)


  1. Way to go! They don't pay us to recycle out here, unfortunately, but I used to do that when I was in Massachusetts. Back then I didn't care as much about saving (I was in college/just out of college) and used to use it for lunch, haha.

  2. Nice work! I don't get paid for my bottles (VA isn't exactly the most progressive state in the nation...) but I need to be better about recycling anyway. I'm doing better at "reducing" - I pretty much only use my reusable water bottle and I don't use plastic utensils anymore - but I'm sometimes just plain lazy about collecting my recycleables and dropping them off.

    This is perhaps a good 2012 goal for me?

  3. Good job! I don't recycle a ton, I need to be more strict about it.

  4. It's an easy way to earn some $$ and you're also helping the environment! Win-win! :)