Friday, June 10, 2011

This Week...

...I switched my disability insurance to a different company, which will save me $45 per month starting in July.

...I emailed my financial dude in charge of my 403(b) to tell him that I wanted to put $150 more per month into my account starting in August. That will be my first month of my seventh year(!) of teaching, so my annual raise shows up then. I want it put straight into my 403(b) before I even see it on a paycheck! I put $220 per month in the account right now, so this is a good sized increase for me.

...I accepted a job working at a brand new high school in my area. Same district, but brand new school! I'm excited about the opportunity, though it's bittersweet to leave the school I've been teaching at for six years.

...I got my first migraine headache. It was horrible.

...I made my millionth breakdown of what to do with my extra money each month after my car is paid off and BF moves in. Still not sure what I want to do. Shall I post my options now or wait 'til the car is officially paid off?


  1. It would be so exciting to work in a brand new building. I've always wanted to experience that.