Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Planning for my Trips

Being the organized, Type A, planner type, I've already started planning for my two trips this summer. I requested a travel book about Alaska and another about Chicago from the library. I'm going to read through them, make lists of what I most want to do and see, and either photocopy pertinent pages or if the books are amazing, buy them on Amazon.

I've also started thinking about packing. Not what I'll bring (even I'm not that crazy), but the luggage itself. For Chicago BF and I have to pay $25 per bag each way. Which is so ridonculous I have to use a made up word to describe how ridiculous it is. We talked about bringing one carryon and checking one bag together. We also talked about just using carry-ons, which I want to try to do. It's annoying to not be able to bring all the toiletries I want, but it's even more annoying to spend $50 on checked bag fees. I'd like to do the same for my trip to Alaska with my sister.

The problem? I don't actually own carry-on luggage. Possible solution? Swagbucks!

I can get a $40 gift cards to Amazon for 3,600 Swagbucks. I want to get this luggage, which has the traditional carry-on and a small overnight bag that matches. I saw the same luggage on Overstock, but the gift cards on Swagbucks are more expensive, so I looked at Amazon and saw the exact same luggage. Score!

This does end my Swagbucks hoarding for now, since I'll actually use some of them, but I think it's a good decision. As of today I have 8,440 Swagbucks, so I'll still have plenty if I want to pick up other necessities or save for a big goal again. And it will be great to get something I need for free!


  1. That sounds like a great use for your swagbucks! How fun!

  2. I LOVE Swagbucks! It bought my sister's Christmas present last year and my husband's this year (already!) I would have had more for last year except I started in November :)

  3. wait, you think you're type A because you're already planning for your trips for this summer?

    I'm planning for a trip in December!!! I LOVE the whole planning aspect of it!

    And do carry on all the way!

  4. Great use for swagbucks! I'm from Chicago-feel free to ask me if you have any questions. :)Also, just so you know Chicago has ridiculously high sales tax, so don't be surprised if you spend more than expected. However, Chicago is an amazing place and you will have a great time! It's also much cheaper to use the el system instead of cabs. If you use google maps it will tell you what train line to take and how to get there if you have never been to Chicago before.

  5. First off, challenge yourself to carry on only. Do a mock pack by pulling everything you need and spend a weekend intermittently putting stuff back away. I've only used a carry on for trips both international and domestic from a long weekend to more than a week. Alaska and Chicago included. And the Alaska I was bringing along bulky kayak gear.

    In Chicago, get some pizza a Gino's East and spend some time walking on the lake front and checking out neighborhoods. The Mile is fun and all, but it's good to see other parts of the city too.