Monday, June 6, 2011

Is that a kickstand or are you just happy to see me?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my bike was stolen out of my back yard. Boooo.

That's the annoying part of living in a semi-urban area. I'm sure there are some of you who live in rural places where you don't lock your doors and leave your car keys on the seat with the windows down or something, but alas I do not. The great thing about living in Long Beach is that it is very bike friendly. There are bike paths all over the place, the beach path, and traffic lanes that are painted green to show you have to share the road with cyclists. Honestly, it's difficult to NOT have a bike here. Parking is a pain, so there are times where I don't want to drive to the library or the grocery store to pick up one thing and lose my spot.

So, I need a bike. As did the person who stole mine, apparently.

Luckily, my mom told me she had an extra bike in the garage that I could have. It's a beach cruiser (yes!) with no gears (boo) that my dad picked up for $8 at a yard sale several years ago. I picked it up yesterday and brought it home. I knew it needed new grips and that something was rubbing the wheel when I rode it, so I did some yelping and found a bike place.

I rode my bike to Bikestation, where they do repairs and where you can also park your bike for free all day. It's close to the metro station, so it's a great resource. The guy sold me new grips, installed them, lubed my chain (I almost giggled when he told me he was going to do that. I should've asked him to buy me dinner first) and put on a new kickstand from his salvage pile for me. I thought the kickstand was rubbing on the tire, plus it didn't really work to hold up the bike.

He charged me $19, which wasn't too bad. I got about a block away and braked, and suddenly the bike went all wonky on me. I actually have no idea what happened. Something broke on the back tire. This is where my blog would be much more interesting if I knew anything about bikes or mechanics. But I can tell you that some metal thing broke and it seemed loose. So, I walked it back in and he fixed it with another salvaged part for free!

It rides much better now and I'm relieved to have a new bike for less than $20. Thanks Mom and Bikestation!


  1. Awww, this is something I'm dying to get. A BIKE. I'm in NYC, but I'd love to have a bike to get around. Especially once I sell my car (which is one of my June goals). I should have asked for one for my birthday, lol.
    Maybe when I pay off one of my credit cards, I'll treat myself to one if I have any money saved up for it. Glad you got a new one and all fixed up for yourself! And cheaply! :)

    C.M.C. @

  2. Awe, that's so great that you got a new bike and that you got a great deal on the repairs.

    My friend had 2 bikes stolen from him when he lived in long beach...

  3. I'm just happy to see you. (It's not a kickstand, it's a boner.)

    Also that bike... once my ex boyfriend rode it with me to Blockbuster and it broke on him. I think the chain came off the back tire. We couldn't fix it. I'm glad the bike is fixed and in use now. Beach cruisers are fun!