Thursday, June 23, 2011

Extra Work=Extra Pay

As a teacher I do a lot of work that I don't get paid for. It's the nature of the job, and it doesn't (usually) bother me. BUT, when we have an opportunity to get paid extra to do extra work, I am all over it.

In August the new school I am working at is offering ten planning/professional development days (six hours each) at a rate of $25/hour. I will be on vacation for four of them, but I am planning on going to the other six. YES! There are also three required days that are not in our contract which we will be paid our hourly rate for. The "hourly" rate is our daily salary divided by six hours, so it's a pretty good amount.

I am accounting for taxes taking a chunk and planning conervatively I should still have an extra $1,000 on my September check (if not a bit more). I think I will budget around $250 to get new clothes, since I hardly ever do that anymore. I also like to do some back to school shopping each year and get some new work clothes. The other $750 I think I will split between my E-fund and my student loan.

Yes, I am planning for money that I will not get until September. For work I won't do until August. But I just found out about the optional days this morning, and I'm excited about them. :)


  1. I am the QUEEN of extra work = extra pay! I will sign up in an instant if the school is offering a stipend or extra hourly pay for some kind of tutoring/proctoring, etc. I just spent my first two days of summer vacation at school to set up my summer program, which will net me about $1500 for just 12 days of work!

  2. That's exciting! I would be doing the same thing :) Something good to look forward to. Enjoy!