Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Update: The Positive and Negative Edition

+ I paid an extra $234.19 on my car on payday.
+ I at 91% of my car paid off! Only $2,700ish to go!
- My check seemed smaller than I expected, so I need to talk to my payroll person at work tomorrow to try to see what's going on. Hopefully it means more money mid-month and not that I did my math wrong.
+ I sold three more books on Amazon, so I'll have some extra funds to put toward my car tomorrow.
+ I hosted my first party at my new place, a happy hour for my teacher friends. It was great and made me want to keep entertaining.
+ My boyfriend did all the dishes afterward, so I didn't have to clean up after the party. Even better!
+ I found a breakfast place with a $3.99 special that comes with bottomless mimosas for an hour.
- I drank a little too much this weekend.
+ I made salads for my lunch ahead of time, so I will actually eat my salad stuff instead of watching it go bad because I'm too lazy to put it together in the mornings.
+ I finished my online class and now have all my classes done for a raise!
- It always takes a few months for that to actually happen.

And that, my friends, was my weekend. More pluses than minuses, so I'm pretty content.


  1. The captcha for that comment was "utopo" which I am assuming is Spanish for Utopia, which is a land of bottomless mimosas

  2. You lost me after bottomless mimosas! Yummmm :)