Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Increasing Contentment by Cleaning

This is in line with yesterday's post, and it may be something I've talked about before, but I've been thinking a lot lately about taking care of what you own not only to maintain it's value and save money, but to increase your satisfaction and contentment with what you have.

I spent a lot of time this weekend cleaning and getting things done in my apartment, since I'm having a get together here on Friday. I finished hanging up all my pictures (look for more apartment posts later this week), and did even more cleaning. After I vacuumed the living room, I used the brush attachment on my new vacuum to clean all my couch cushions. I hate to admit this, but I realized as I was doing it that I had never done it before.

I've had the couch for two and a half years.

That's embarrassing. But I realized that some of the undersides of my cushions were in sad shape. After I cleaned it, it looked great and I took a few more seconds to admire it when I walked by it throughout the week. I also got a chair from my friend Shelby and washed the cover, which made it look brighter. I got out the wipes to clean my laptop screen and keyboard. I cleaned my makeup brushes and organized my makeup case.

Another example? I love my boyfriend, but his car is a MESS. Mine's not perfect either, but I notice that I am much more satisfied driving in and riding in a clean car. (I am already coming up with my plan to borrow his car for something and clean it out for him. It's partly to be nice and partly because I'm selfish and would like to ride in a clean car.)

Since I got my boots repaired and shined, I've been enjoying wearing them and have gotten more compliments on them. I did pay for that, but in the future I could shine them myself.

I think taking the time to clean my apartment and take care of my stuff genuinely makes me happier. It's not having the stuff itself, but it's taking pride in what I do have that makes the difference.

I guess I could have made this a really short post and just typed, "Hey, you should clean more." But then it would be Twitter.


  1. I liked this post - I always feel good after cleaning out a closet or the pantry or something like that.

  2. I just feel like my life is in order when all of the things around me are in order. Though I probably don't clean as much as I should... just declutter and organize.

  3. Your blog is great. On a cheap note I use Vinegar and peroxide to clean all hard surfaces. It is cheap and works amazing. I blogged about it a while back if you want more info.