Sunday, March 27, 2011

April's Budget

April means a few things that could be budget busters for me...
*Easter-I'm most likely having family over the day of, which I can work into my grocery budget and my cushion if need be. The other temptation is that BF's family celebrates on the Saturday before, which I am invited to. This will involve meeting a bunch more of his extended of course I want to buy a new dress.

*Wedding reception-A friend of BF's got married in Alaska and is having a reception the second weekend of April. Again, my temptation is to buy a new dress. Or even justify, "I'll buy one dress and wear it to both Easter and the reception."

*Boyfriend's birthday present-There's no getting around this one. His birthday is in May, but I want to get it figured out this month and then budget for whatever activity we're going to do on his actual bday. He went and bought himself a GPS watch, which is what I was planning on getting him. :/ I'm not sure what I'm getting him now, but he's a good gift-giver so I gotta step it up.

*Spring Break-I'm not going away, but having a whole week off usually makes for some more spending on going out to eat and other social activities. I talked to BF about doing something fun in LA one day that week, hopefully taking the Metro. I still want to try to keep it cheap though.

Here are my solutions:
-->No new clothes. I can't really afford it with the other expenses and I came up with a solution. First, a friend gave me an old dress of hers, and since I've been losing weight it should fit for the reception. This also gives me motivation to stick with my diet since it's a size smaller than I was wearing before. It will feel new since I've never worn it. Second, for the Easter outfit I have a skirt that has been a bit snug but should work for me in the next few weeks. It's floral and colorful and it's also on of BF's favorites. :)

-->Spring Break-I'm going to budget an extra $50 into my fun category and look for some fun, free things to do that week. I'd like to not budget extra, but I know myself...I'm going to spend something. I figure it's better to budget a smallish amount rather than not plan and then spend whatever I want.

-->Boyfriend's present-this one's still up in the air. I budgeted for it and I just have to figure out what to get him. 

I am still waiting for some back pay from work, which would allow me to make an extra car payment of around $400. If it doesn't come in AGAIN it's going to be rough to get an extra payment in on my car. Part of the crunch is definitely that my rent is higher now that I live alone...which I am thoroughly enjoying. But it does make it a little tighter budget-wise some months. Nothing I can't handle, but it does mean reminding myself that I can't get everything I want. (Duh.)

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