Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last night I went with my friend Jessica to the mall to do some shopping. I  haven't bought any new clothes since September, and hadn't bought anything in the year before that while I paid off my credit cards. I've been feeling really bored with my wardrobe, and since I've gotten rid of what I don't wear, I actually felt like I could justify some new things. :)

It was funny to go to the mall with the intention to really shop. I honestly haven't shopped in so long, I had to tell my friend to help me pick things out, and we joked about how I don't know what's cool anymore, since I haven't shopped in so long. We joked, but it was sort of true. I used to come home with new clothes ALL THE TIME. It was a weird feeling to come home with shopping bags. Weird, but fun.

I budgeted $100 for this month, and I still have $15 available to spend after last night's trip plus another shirt I bought at Marshall's last week. I found some great sales, so I was able to maximize my purchases. From New York & Co. I got two shirts. They were having a buy one get one 50% off sale.

To wear to work. I got this one in a blue/gray pattern.
I'm actually wear it right now. :)

I also got this plaid shirt. I've been wanting a plaid shirt for months, and I think this one is really cute.

Then I went to Express, where they were having a "take an additional 40% off clearance prices" sale. Holla! I got a pair of pin-striped work pants for $18(!) and two going out fun shirts for $5.99 each. I couldn't find a picture of the shirts online, but they're pretty and flattering. I got one in blue and one in cream.

Editor pants are the best.
 I'd still like to get a few more work type shirts and a new pair of jeans in the next few months. But for those of you on shopping bans or with credit card debt, here's some clothes porn for you to enjoy. Hopefully writing the word porn in my blog doesn't make my ads go crazy innapropriate. Over and out!


  1. There are a bunch of stores that offer discounts to teachers. I know that Loft def does and I hear that J. Crew and Limited might as well. Do some research, combine with a coupon and save some $$$!

  2. I miss shopping. Well, I shouldn't say that because I had to buy a business suit and some dress pants this past week. I guess I miss shopping for fun. Love the tops that you bought. Very cute! Also, 18 dollars for pants at Express! That's awesome! Great find!