Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I so rarely get to use the word cobbler...

A few years ago, in my more spendy days, I bought a nice pair of Naturalizer leather boots before a trip to DC. They're black and comfy and stylish. And I love them. They cost a couple hundred dollars and I wear them pretty constantly in the winter.

A few weeks ago they tore. On the spot where the leather meets the rubber sole it started to come apart. I took them in to a shoe shop near my work to get repaired, since a friend recommended the shop. The man told me he would fix them, repair the heel, and polish them for $25. Sold!

I normally buy cheap shoes, so if they break I just toss them out. But these boots were an investment, and it definitely seems worth it to get them fixed. I'm excited to get them back looking great on Friday. It makes me think about shopping more carefully...maybe buying fewer items and making them pieces that will last for years is a good idea.

How do you shop? Quality or quantity?


  1. I'm trying to go more for quality now. I just got a pair of via spiga black heels that I plan on wearing to death... then taking to the shoe maker.

  2. I used to go for quantity - now it's quality, ever since I started being more frugal and more "aware" of where my money was going.

  3. Combination of both ... I buy t-shirts, coats, cute shoes and sweaters at Value Village, but nice jeans and shoes for specific things (winter boots, runners) I spend money on. Quality is definitely more important, but sometimes you can't turn down a cute $5 t shirt with $10 zebra print shoes from the VV Boutique.

  4. Now that I'm almost done with school I am definitely trying to shop quality over quantity. When it comes to purses I definitely shop quality. I spent 160 on a coach purse my sophomore year of college. It was originally 400, and 160 was still a lot-but I still use it every day and three years later- I think the investment was worth it. I haven't bought a new purse since that purchase. It's always better to go with a classic look like a nice suit that you know that you will be able to get use out of it for years to come.