Sunday, February 6, 2011

Possible Profits?

After subscribing to freecycle for over a year and never picking up anything, I responded to this ad:

"I have at least 100 books to pass on. These range from sets of art books (museums of the world with slides) to past best sellers to self-help and classics. Hardback and softcover. This will give you an instant library ... or sell them ... or head to a used bookstore. Up to you.

Earlier pickup gets these. Many are already boxed, but you may need to bring some more boxes. This is a major endeavor -- there are at least 10 boxes full, so if you have a Mini Cooper, you'll need help!"

I was the first to respond, and I'm picking up the lot today. I know many of them will just end up going to Goodwill, but I am crossing my fingers for some good finds that I can sell on Amazon. It's going to be my evening project to look them up and list any worth selling. I'm pretty excited about this find, and I hoping that my first Freecycle venture will be a success!

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