Monday, February 28, 2011

Clean Your Car, Improve Your Life

This weekend I took about fifteen minutes and improved my quality of life. 

First, I grabbed my Armor All wipes out of my cupboard (don't store them in your car or they dry out) and wiped down the dashboard, side panels, and middle console of my car. Then, stopped by the gas station and threw away any trash I could find. While I was there, I paid $1.25 and vacuumed the inside (which REALLY needed to be done). Last, I put anything that belongs in my house in a reusable grocery bag and brought it inside when I came home.

Yes, this is a small thing, but I notice that when my car is clean (inside and out) I feel better getting in and out of it. I enjoy my commute and running errands more. And I take more pride in my car, which is important, since I plan on keeping it for at least five to ten more years.

Even if you have an older car, doing a few little things can make you feel better about it and bring a smile to your face. At least, I think so.


  1. i've really needed to do this for 8 months now...hopefully this post will inspire me...i like your tips

  2. Sooo with you on this. Last weekend I went home to celebrate my birthday and my dad cleaned the whole inside of my car as an extra little gift :) It makes a HUGE difference!