Sunday, July 11, 2010

Keepin' it Clean

Along with getting my finances in order, I'm working on keeping my house more clean and organized lately. Overall, it's going pretty well. Dishes still pile up sometimes, and I don't always get everything put away before bed, but my place is much more orderly than it had been in the past. My latest "trick" to keeping things clean is the fifteen minute spurt. Sometimes, the thought of cleaning is nauseating. Like, I can't imagine getting up and doing all the cleaning I need to do...either I'm tired, busy, or just plain lazy. But, I can usually convince myself to get up and clean for 15 minutes. Whatever gets done is done, and something is better than nothing. 

Honestly, it's pretty amazing how much gets done in 15 minutes. I just did it now and I was able to put away all my stuff from my weekend trip (actually away, not just throw into my bedroom or the bathroom), hang up some laundry, put away the five pairs of shoes I had scattered around the house, make my bed, and clear off the coffee table. I also do little things, like close the shower curtain and closet doors, which just makes the house look a little more presentable. Is there still more cleaning to do? For sure. But for the amount of time and effort, it was definitely a worthwhile venture.


  1. I use the 15 minute trick myself. Often I will get the boys in on it too. Set the kitchen timer and see how much we can get done before it goes off.

  2. Love the 15 minute clean up. It does wonders, it's amazing how much can get done.

  3. You are inspiring me to do the same. Today I did the 15 minute timer and it is amazing what you can get done. Also your no spending days are really great. I am also a teacher so starting today until Sept. I plan on trying to do 20 no spend days. You don't realize how hard it is.