Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ikea Trip!

So, my roommate and I have lived in our apartment for two years this month. When we first moved we spent a good amount of money on furniture, art, and of course basic necessities. Lately, we've been finding ourselves saying, "It's been two years, maybe we need new..." I changed our shower curtain liner last week (we cut it in half, since the opening to our shower is really narrow. So that was actually free, since I found the other half in our linen closet.) We washed our bathroom curtains, since they were looking rather dingy. And today we went to Ikea, in search for new curtains for our dining room. We've sorta hated our dining room curtains since about a week after we bought them, and decided to replace them.

We didn't find curtains, but we did buy new cutting boards ($2.99), a new bamboo plant ($1.99) and some more art for our place. We bought these prints, along with frames to add some color. I actually love these and I'm really excited to put them up!
We also bought this poster with a blue frame. This is a big one. My vote is to put it over the stove in the kitchen, since we have literally nothing on the walls in there. We'll see what the roommate wants to do though.

We split the cost of the posters and frames. I bought the bamboo and cutting boards and roomie is going to buy some large spoons, since ours mysteriously disappeared (seriously, how do you lose spoons!?!). So anyway, my share came out to $37. I am happy with that amount...definitely not breaking the bank and adding a lot of color to our apartment. Yay!

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  1. Love Ikea! I saw that last print on our trip on Saturday and really liked it, but it doesn't go with our decor.

    Our spoons are always disappearing too! In our case, the kids take them to school and don't bring them back...lol