Friday, June 11, 2010

What have you eliminated that you do not miss?

I got this idea from Me in Millions. : ) In my quest for financial freedom, I've definitely given things up. Some of them are difficult to do without, others I don't really miss at all. Here are some of those:

*Buying books: I am in love with the Long Beach Library. I request books online, they email me when they're ready to pick up at the requested branch. Then a few days before they're due, I get an email reminding me to return them to avoid a fine. Lovely. I still have a large book collection, but I really don't miss my Amazon addiction.

*Plastic water bottles: I have a few Nalgene bottles and a cool stainless steel one from my friend Becca that I use. I know this helps the environment and it makes drinking water free. :)

*Jewelry Shopping: I have missed buying clothes, but I must say that I have plenty of earrings and jewelry, something I really liked buying when I shopped. I've been fine with what I have. Honestly, except when I go out, I rotate between the same two pairs of silver hoops, so I could probably get rid of some of my jewelry.

*The video store: I subscribed to the cheapest Netflix instead. I spend less overall and watch way more movies. I made it a rule that I couldn't go to the video store since Netflix was actually something I added when I started budgetting. It also helps me fight the temptation to buy DVDs, especially seasons of TV shows I would normally spend a couple hundred dollars a year on.

*Bath stuff: I have all the lotion and body wash I need, and I actually got rid of some of these. Haven't missed a bunch of random lotion and having three different kinds of body wash in the shower. I'm fine with one of each, thank you.


  1. aww! I'm glad my post inspired you. I agree with the video store/movie thing. Netflix is AWESOME!

  2. Magazines. I used to spend $10 a week, each and every week. At the least. Now I have one subscription and I maybe buy one off the stand once every six months

  3. Going out for lunch. Okay this was more of a high school thing since I'm still living like a university student. But when in HS I used to go out EVERY day for lunch. At $5-6 a day that adds up to A LOT of money over the course of a year!

    I will have to look into Netflix. I wish they had something like that for Wii games, as that is what I typically go to the movie store for.