Saturday, June 19, 2010

Phone Upgrade Success!

I was finally due for my phone upgrade. I've had a Blackberry for almost two years now. I've really liked it, but was looking for a cheaper phone plan and since I've dropped my phone like a hundred times it's pretty beat up. Also, I don't think I use a lot of the services that I am paying for.

I had called T-Mobile previously to ask about upgrading and my different options. I found out that I can save fifteen dollars per month by getting a "phone first" model, which has limited internet capability instead of a full Blackberry. Since I really only use Facebook and Google Maps for navigation, the woman on the phone recommended the Nuron, since it has a Navigation program and can do basic internet. I was online while on the phone with her. When I clicked on the phone, it told me it as $19.99, but whenever I put it in my car it came out at $69.99. I told the helpful woman on the phone about the issue. She looked it up and after putting me on hold for a few minutes came back and told me that the $19.99 price was a system glitch. BUT since it's what the website told me, they offered to honor it if I bought the phone online today. They are going to put a $50 credit on my phone bill so that I will end up with that price. SCORE!

So, I am paying $120 on my next bill, but I will have a $50 mail in rebate and a $50 credit on my account. I'm so excited about my new phone, glad I asked questions in order to get the right phone and the best deal for me, and to pay less each month on my phone bill. Yessss!


  1. Just curious. Is the cost of the phone related to a contract with the company?

    For example I can buy phone X up here and get the phone for $70 if I lock in for a three year contract. I can get the same phone for $140 if I lock in for a two year contract...$200 for a one year contract etc etc.

  2. Yes, I did sign up for a two year contract...but I've been with T-Mobile forever and I'm happy with them, so I was fine with that.

  3. This is why I love pricing typos!!