Friday, June 11, 2010

More accidental savings...

I got a pay stub today for $33.94 (training rate of $25 for an hour and half training, minus taxes). When I was in the office someone was asking what it was for. Our AP said that it was a training we did a few months ago and that the only reason we got paid is because I noticed it wasn't on our checks and followed up, otherwise she would have forgotten to submit the paperwork. Obviously it's not tons of money, but it made me glad I have been double checking my pay stubs with my extra hours.

And, since the first $100 of all my direct deposits goes into my savings, I just saved some extra money this month, moving my emergency fund closer to $1,000. Good news all around!


  1. I love when little money gifts surprise you :-)

    Every little bit adds up.

  2. Always good to keep an eye on things like this, I'm sure others appreciated you pointing it out as well. Every bit helps. :)

  3. Way to follow up on your money! It's important.

    I love how you're saving for your goals and have your progress bars going. I'm a big fan of progress bars! My own is for our house down payment. It's uh...really small at the moment.