Thursday, June 17, 2010

Possible Business Trip

I found out today that for the first time in recent history, the yearbook account actually made money this year! Huzzah! Due to gross mismanagement in the past (not by me), this had never happened before. I talked to the Student Store manager and she said it looks like we have made about $2,000! Yeah! I will know a final total on Monday, when I close the accounts with her, so it could be even more, since we'll sell books tomorrow at graduation.

This means possibly adding some cool stuff to next year's book, and that I might be able to go to Yearbook Adviser Academy at the end of this month in Kansas City (everyone's favorite hot spot). It's three days and it's coming up way fast-that might be the only hurdle. I would spend around $1,200 for this trip (flight, hotel, and conference) but I think it would be a great opportunity. I'd get to network with other advisers, learn, and plan for next year's book. I also wouldn't mind getting to go somewhere new. I know Kansas is not exciting for some, but I do want to visit all 50 states...and I am always up for new things. I am really hoping it works out. I will probably have to put the flight and hotel on my credit card and get reimbursed-which makes me a little nervous, because that's not always the most timely process. But I just sent an email to my AP, and I am optimistic that we can make it work.


  1. If you're coming to KC, you'll probably be on the Missouri side. I live in the KC metro area and there is absolutely nothing in Kansas City, Kansas other than a large shopping outlet and the racetracks and even those things are in the boonies. If you're staying near the Plaza there is a ton of stuff within walking distance; movie theater, restaurants, bookstores, retail shopping. It's actually pretty nice.

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun!! Hope this works out for you.